Cleaning for Health Workshop – Using ATP Meters and Indoor Air Quality Monitors: The Keys to Cleanliness

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Product ATP Test (Kikkoman A3): LuciPac A3 Surface, LuciPac A3 Water, LuciPac A3 Pre-moisten,
Event date 2024.02.01

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Venue Baltimore MD
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Dr Stephan Speidel

Scientific Advisor at HyServe GmbH

Dr. Stephan Speidel, with a distinguished career that spans over four decades, stands at the forefront of innovation as the founder and senior advisor of Hyserve. Before laying the foundations of Hyserve in 2002, Stephan honed his expertise in international roles within the Big Pharma sector, an experience that endowed him with a broad perspective and deep understanding of global health and safety standards. Notably, his doctoral studies were characterized by establishing pivotal connections with Japanese research institutions, a testament to his commitment to fostering international scientific collaboration. Today, as a recognized industry expert, Stephan's influence extends beyond Hyserve. His profound insights and visionary leadership have been instrumental in steering Hyserve's focus towards pioneering solutions in hygiene management and quality control, firmly positioning the company as a beacon of innovation in the field.

Gabriel Linder

Managing Director at HyServe GmbH and Conscio Executive Board Member

With an extensive background in the Auditing, Testing and Inspection Industry, Gabriel has devoted nearly two decades to enhancing food safety and quality management systems. Serving as the former General Manager of Eurofins Global Control, he spearheaded initiatives to ensure the integrity of global supply chains. His leadership in the role involved direct oversight of quality management processes, ensuring clients adherence to international standards. Gabriel is actively involved in various industry-related boards and committees - such as Conscio Board of Directors - contributing his expertise to the advancement of food safety protocols. He is recognized for his significant contributions to the field, including authoring research on methodologies for improving food safety standards. Currently, Gabriel leads the HyServe team as it continues to grow and innovate in hygiene monitoring and food safety.