ATP Rapid Hygiene Monitoring


Lumitester Smart

The luminometer for rapid hygiene monitoring

The Lumitester Smart offers high sensitivity detection and wireless connection capabilities.

LuciPac A3 Surface

Hygiene monitoring test kit for surface
LuciPac A3 Surface detects ATP+ADP+AMP to verify surface cleanliness.

LuciPac A3 Water

Hygiene monitoring test kit for water and liquid
LuciPac A3 Water detects ATP+ADP+AMP to verify cleanliness of water and liquid samples.

LuciSwab ES

LuciSwab ES is the sampling device (2.5m) which is exclusive use endoscope cleaning verification using LuciPac.  Be sure to use with LuciPac when taking measurements.

Lumitester Control Kit

Lumitester Control Kit

This kit is specialized for checking the operation and sensitivity of Lumitester Smart, PD-30 and PD-20.