LuciPac A3 Filter Assay 60376

  • ATP Test
LuciPac A3 Filter Assay

Rapid, reliable, easy to use, microbial detection in liquids

  • Rapid: Detect microorganisms in 5 minutes
  • Compact: Measure in the field
  • Simple: Requires only Lumitester

Composition LuciPac A3 Surface 1 bag (20 tests)
Releasing reagent FA 1 bottle (10mL)
Syringe 20 pcs
Filter 20 pcs
Filter Assay Stand 1pc
Quick Manual (EN-JA)
Storage Storage: 2-8℃ (Do not freeze)
Expiry 15 months after manufacturing date
25℃: 14 days (Unopened)
30℃: 5 days (Unopened)

  • Precautions
  • ・This product detects ATP, ADP, and AMP in microorganisms. It does not measure the number of viable bacteria as CFU.
  • ・Do not force a sample that clogs the filter. Samples that clog the filter cannot be evaluated with this product.
  • ・The results do not necessarily correlate with the results of the culture method.
  • ・Please read the instruction manual carefully before use.