LuciSwab ES 60355,60356,60357

  • ATP Rapid Hygiene Monitoring

LuciSwab ES is the sampling device (2.5m) which is exclusive use endoscope cleaning verification using LuciPac.  Be sure to use with LuciPac when taking measurements.

  • ・Only takes 3 steps and 10 seconds for hygiene inspection.
  • ・For record management of cleaning the endoscope.

Product form 40 individually packed ( for 40 single use.)
Total length of device approximately 2500mm
Channel diameter of the endoscope LuciSwab ES 2.0-2.2  2.0-2.2mm
LuciSwab ES 2.8-3.2  2.8-3.2mm
LuciSwab ES 3.7-4.2  3.7-4.2mm
Storage instructions Please store at room temperature avoiding high temperature and humidity.
Products code / JAN code LuciSwab ES 2.0-2.2 : 60355 / 4549160985285
LuciSwab ES 2.8-3.2 : 60356 / 4549160985292
LuciSwab ES 3.7-4.2 : 60357 / 4549160985308

  • Precautions for use
  • Please use in combination with LuciSwab and LuciPac. Other commercial cotton swabs or reagents may not produce correct results.
  • Please use appropriate size of LuciSwab ES according to the inner diameter of the endoscope channel.
  • It is unsuitable to use at narrower inspection point than tip diameter. If not done, the cotton bud may fall off or stuck.

Usage instructions

  • Usage instructions of LuciSwab ES