LuciSwab ES 60355,60356,60357

  • ATP Test
LuciPac ES:ATP Sanitation System(ATP test)

LuciSwab ES is the sampling device (2.5m) which is exclusive use endoscope cleaning verification using LuciPac. LuciPac for ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) should be used with when taking measurements.

  • ・Only takes 3 steps and 10 seconds for hygiene inspection.
  • ・For record management of cleaning the endoscope.

Product form 40 individually packed ( for 40 single use.)
Total length of device approximately 2500mm
Channel diameter of the endoscope LuciSwab ES 2.0-2.2  2.0-2.2mm
LuciSwab ES 2.8-3.2  2.8-3.2mm
LuciSwab ES 3.7-4.2  3.7-4.2mm
Storage instructions Please store at room temperature avoiding high temperature and humidity.
Products code / JAN code LuciSwab ES 2.0-2.2 : 60355 / 4549160985285
LuciSwab ES 2.8-3.2 : 60356 / 4549160985292
LuciSwab ES 3.7-4.2 : 60357 / 4549160985308

  • Precautions for use
  • Please use in combination with LuciSwab and LuciPac. Other commercial cotton swabs or reagents may not produce correct results.
  • Please use appropriate size of LuciSwab ES according to the inner diameter of the endoscope channel.
  • It is unsuitable to use at narrower inspection point than tip diameter. If not done, the cotton bud may fall off or stuck.

Usage instructions

  • Usage instructions of LuciSwab ES