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  • Histamine assay
Histamine Test

Histamine Test system is a rapid colorimetric enzyme assay system for the quantitative analysis of histamine in raw fish, frozen fish or canned tuna.

Just dissolve the reagents and mix with the sample. The analysis is simple and safe. Due to high specificity of the enzyme, no hazardous chemicals-such as strong acids or organic solvents-are needed.
The reaction takes only 15 minutes. For raw fish samples, the test can be fully completed-from sample preparation to result- in one hour.
AOAC Performance Tested Method(PTM)Certification. The test has been shown to have a high correlation with official laboratory reference methods.

Number of measurements 60 assays

Enzyme reagent (lyophilisate)x 6

Colorimetric reagent (lyophilisate) x 6

Histamine Standard solution x 1

Buffer x 3

Storage 2-8 ℃
Expiry End of month after 31 months from manufacturing date.
  • The reagent can not be used for purposes other than voluntary health inspection and research applications.
  • This measurement, instruments and EDTA solution such as a micro pipette in addition to this kit and the absorbance meter is required.
  •  Histamine is easy to adsorb to the glass. Please use the plastic tube or the like.
  • This kit is a histamine assay kit for raw fish. However, by varying the pretreatment method, it is the case that can be adapted to samples other than raw fish.

  • Histamine Test (AOAC-RI PTM)
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Award history

* Received the Technical Achievement Award in Fisheries Science from the Japanese Society of Fisheries Science.(2007)

* Received the Japan Soy Sauce Technology Award in application section from the Japan Soy Sauce Association.(2014)

* New! Histamine Test certificated the AOAC Performance Tested Method(PTM).


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