CheckLite 250 Plus 61305

  • ATP-based microbial assay

For ATP measurement in microorganisms

  • CheckLite 250 Plus is a kit for microbial biomass assays based on the ATP measuring method.
  • CheckLite contains thermostable firefly luciferase.
  • CheckLite is characterized by its ease of use and rapid performance.
  • CheckLite can detect 10,000 cells of coliforms/ml (1,000 cell/assay).

Number of measurements 250 assays

Luciferin-luciferase reagent (lyophilized) x 5

Reconstitution buffer (5.5 ml) x 5

ATP releasing reagent (5.5 ml) x 5

Storage 2-8 ℃
Expiry End of month after 16 months from manufacturing date.
  • Caution
  • ・CheckLite 250 Plus should be stored at 2-8 C in a refrigerator. DO NOT FREEZE.