Hyaluronic Acid FCH

  • Cosmetic Ingredients

Sodium Hyaluronate which is fermented from
"Streptococcus Zooepidemicus" (Animal Free Product)


All the manufacturing process is in Japan.
The series of "Hyaluronic Acid FCH" can be covered for various kinds of customer's demands which is from low to high molecular weight such as 0.05 to 2 Million Dalton.

Product introduction


Grade Name M.W.(×10000) Shelf Life Packaging
FCH-200 180~220 6 Months Aluminum Bag
FCH-150 140~180
FCH-120 100~140 12 Months
FCH-80 60~100
FCH-60 50~70
Penetrable Hyaluronic Acid (FCH-SU) 5~11

Labeling for Quasi-Drug (for Japanese market)

Labeling Ingredient Code Concentration (%)
Sodium Hyaluronate (2) 520894 100

Labeling for Cosmetics

Labeling Ingredient Code Concentration (%) INCI 中文名
Sodium Hyaluronate 552063 100 Sodium Hyaluronate 透明质酸钠