Easy Plate 61973,61974,61975,61976

  • Prepared Media Plate
Easy Plate(Prepared Media Plate)

Easy Plate is a prepared media plates with no need for media preparation and sterilization.

  • Simple operation, reliable result (AOAC PTM certified )
  • Immediately after opening the package, enables you to place a sample suspension onto the media and to start incubation.
  • Compared to traditional plates, saves incubation space and reduces waste.

Product Name Easy Plate AC Easy Plate CC Easy Plate EC Easy Plate SA
Packaging 100 tests(25 tests×4 bags)
Object microorganism Aerobic Bacteria Coliform E. Coli / Coliform Staphylococcus aureus
Incubation Temperature 35±1℃ 35±1℃
Incubation Times 48±2hours 24±1hour
Storage Condition

(After opening) After opening the package, fold the open end of the package at least 2 times and tape it. Store in a refrigerator (2 to 8°C) and use within 3 months.
Shelf life 18 months after manufacturing date 12 months after manufacturing date
AOAC RI PTM Certification Acquired
The number of tests 100 tests

As of April 1, 2021, manufacturing and sales of the film media ‘’Medi・Ca’’ is transferred to Kikkoman Biochemifa Company.