Easy Plate AC

Easy Plate
is a convenient, prepared media plate with no need for media preparation or sterilization. Easy Plate is an easy to use alternative to in-house media preparation using traditional plated media that saves time, labor and reduces waste. Using an Easy Plate as a food microbiological test kit – which is about 1/20 volume of the traditional petri dish – saves space and allows you to run more tests with your current incubator space. Easy Plates come ready-to-use and immediately after opening the package you can place a sample suspension onto the media and start incubation.

  Easy Plate AC

Easy Plate AC is an AOAC PTM certified custom media formulation for cultivation of aerobic bacteria. A microbial test kit that contains a chemical redox indicator that provides easily distinguishable colored red colonies, allowing you to easily identify and count aerobic bacteria in 48±2 hours. Easy Plate AC is AOAC PTM certified and sold in packages of 100 tests in 4 separate bags containing 25 tests each. The shelf life of 18 months when stored unopened at 2-8℃.


1. Easily distinguishable brightly colored colonies

Colonies turn red, making them easy to visualize and count, even in the presence of food residue or other source of color.

Pancake Mix
Pancake Mix

2. Reducing the spreading of colonies of Bacillus spp.

Colonies of Bacillus spp. that can easily spread on conventional agar media but spreading is controlled on Easy Plate.

3. High correlation with the plate count agar

High correlation with the plate count agar in various foods.

※ According to the research by DNP

4. AOAC PTM certified

AOAC PTM Certification Acquired. (License No.041302)


Plate Count Interpretation

  1.  Count any colonies that spread as single colony, counting by the central dark area of the colony.
    *Do not count thin, microscopic colonies scattered across an area where a colony is spread out.
  2. Where multiple colonies are present, count the central dark area of the colony as a single colony. In example B, there are 4 dark area of the colony. This would be counted 4 colonies.



Bacillus subtilis
(NBRC 3134)
Bacillus cereus
(NBRC 15305)
Bacillus licheniformis
(NBRC 12200)
Escherichia coli
(NBRC 15034)
Proteus mirabilis
(NBRC 105697)
Staphylococcus aureus
(ATCC 25923)



Raw ground chiken Raw bean sprouts Chocolate
Green tea leaf Icecream+E. coli Raw salmon
  • Incubation conditions: 35℃, 48 hours (Diluent: phosphate buffered saline)
  • These colorings are for example only.

Product Specification

Product Name Easy Plate AC
Product Code 61973
Object microorganism Aerobic Bacteria
Incubation Times 48 ± 2 hours
Incubation Temperature 35 ± 1℃
Storage Condition (Unopened) 2 - 8℃
(After opening) After opening the package, fold the open end of the package at least 2 times and tape it. Store in a refrigerator (2 to 8°C) and use within 3 months.
Shelf life Shelf life 18 months after manufacturing date

AOAC RI PTM Certified, MicroVal Certifed, NordVal Certifed

Packaging 100 tests (25 tests x 4 bags)

Research Paper

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