The ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) is an inspection method using ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a biological indicator is found in various organic matters including living things. It enables anyone to easily perform an on-site quantifiable evaluation of the effectiveness of cleaning for controlled places in 10 seconds. Kikkoman Biochemifa’s a novel ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) can detect ADP (adenosine diphosphate) and AMP (adenosine monophosphate) as well as ATP, enabling highly sensitive inspections for various types of dirt.

This inspection method has been employed by various companies, municipalities, public health centers, and hospitals. Furthermore, it is listed in Standard methods of analysis in food safety regulation (“Microorganisms”, second edition, 2018), The Guide for Hygiene Management in Supermarkets based on HACCP (National Supermarket Association of Japan), Inspection for Cleaning Management in Hospitals (Japan Building Maintenance Association), etc.

Here, we explain the features of the ATP Test (Kikkoman A3), an effective tool for hygiene management.

Highly Sensitive Detection of Invisible Soil

Have you ever had concerns about the cleanliness of your working environment, even after careful cleaning? Using vistal inspection methods can be deceiving as invisible soil can remain on surfaces causing risks for bacterial contamination and foodborne illness and allergen contamination in the food manufacturing industry. In addition, it represents a risk of spreading infections in medical settings and in the case of cleaning.

The ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) enables high-sensitive detection of such invisible soil. We can verify cleaning insufficiency, which enables subsequent soil removal and risk reduction.

Quick Measurement in 10 Seconds Onsite

Bacteriological testing can enumerate and identify the types of bacteria present, but there is also a delay of two to three days to get the results. In most cases, the data that you need to make judgments regarding re-cleaning and remedial actions arrives too late to be useful.

With the ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) it takes only 10 seconds to test, get results and make your decision. If the result indicates insufficient cleaning, you can immediately perform re-cleaning and re-inspection until cleaning is effective. Verifying the cleanliness enables you to start working in the area again.

Easy for Anyone to Use

The ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) uses only Lumitester Instrument and the LuciPac test swab. It is easy for anyone to use, enabling quick inspection.

Numerical Value-based Inspection for Objective Judgement

There are many qualitative methods for quick and simple inspections. Qualitative inspections are subjective making continuous improvement and objective hygiene management difficult.

The ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) quantifies the total amounts of ATP, ADP, and AMP as indicators of residual soil, enabling anyone to perform objective judgment and objective hygiene management.