LuciPac A3 Filter Assay

LuciPac A3 Filter Assay is able to detect microorganisms in liquids less than 5 minutes. It is easy to operate and does not require any training or skills. It has a microorganisms detection sensitivity of 10~108 CFU/mL (Depending on the sample). Detects ATP+ADP+AMP (A3) in microorganisms and results in RLU. The solution of contamination control of circulating cooling water in cooling towers, quality control of cleaning water, and contamination monitoring of industrial water and wastewater.


  • Rapid: Detect microorganisms in 5 minutes
  • Compact: Measure in the field
  • Simple: Requires only Lumitester



  • Contamination control of circulating cooling water in cooling towers
  • Quality control of cleaning water
  • Contamination monitoring of industrial water and waste water


How to use


Detection principle

Detects ATP+ADP+AMP (A3) in microorganisms that was trapped on the filter.


Example measurement

Results shown on the right is collected samples from cultured microorganisms and 10 mL of liquid sample (cooling water, ground water, industrial waste water, tap water and stored water) using LuciPac A3 Filter Assay.

Composition of kit

Product Name LuciPac A3 Filter Assay
Product Code 60376
Composition LuciPac A3 Surface 1 bag (20 tests)
Releasing reagent FA 1 bottle (10mL)
Syringe 20 pcs
Filter 20 pcs
Filter Assay Stand 1pc
Quick Manual (EN-JA)
Storage Storage: 2-8℃ (Do not freeze)
Expiry 15 months after manufacturing date
25℃: 14 days (Unopened)
30℃: 5 days (Unopened)

  • Precautions
  • ・This product detects ATP, ADP, and AMP in microorganisms. It does not measure the number of viable bacteria as CFU.
  • ・Do not force a sample that clogs the filter. Samples that clog the filter cannot be evaluated with this product.
  • ・The results do not necessarily correlate with the results of the culture method.
  • ・Please read the instruction manual carefully before use.