Histamine Check Swab

The Histamine Check Swab is a rapid, portable, colorimetric screening test for histamine. Using the test requires no instrumentation and produces an easy to evaluate color reaction in only 5 minutes. The single swab format for the test makes it easily portable for use at all points in the processing plant, on a receiving dock, at fish markets, and anywhere else where food needs to be rapidly screened for histamine. The Histamine Check Swab is the ideal option for rapid screening of various fish products, raw fish, bonito flakes, fish sauce for quality control and to select which samples may need to be submitted for further quantitative analysis.


  • Simple   Soak the swab in diluted sample and activating the device.
  • Rapid  About 5 minutes for reagent reaction.
  • No instrumentation required  Interpret result of histamine level with the color chart.

Composition of kit

Product Name Histamine Check Swab
Product Code 60448
Number of measurements 40 assays (20 x 2 aluminum bags)
Storage 2-8 ℃ (Do not freeze)
Expiry End of month after 18 months from manufacturing date.


  • False positive and inaccuracy in histamine content assay may occur depending on assay samples and pretreatments. Please use another assay method if accurate histamine content must be identified.