CheckLite ATP Eliminating Kit
Rapid tests that use ATP and bioluminescence to detect bacteria rely on the relationship between the level of intercellular ATP and the luminescence produced. In some samples, the presence of extracellular ATP – common in food and environmental samples – can reduce the sensitivity of the test. The CheckLite ATP eliminating Kit reduces extracellular ATP in samples and can reduce this interference and increase the sensitivity of ATP-based rapid tests.

Composition of kit

Product Name CheckLite ATP Eliminating Kit
Product Code 61306
Number of measurements 100 assays

Luciferin-luciferase reagent (lyophilized) x 2

Reconstitution buffer (5.5 ml) x 2

ATP eliminating reagent (lyophilized) x 2

Sample dilution buffer x 4

Sample dilution reagent x 2

Reconstitution buffer (5.5 ml) x 2

ATP releasing reagent (5.5 ml) x 2

Storage 2-8 ℃
Expiry End of month after 16 months from manufacturing date.


    • CheckLite ATP Eliminating Kit should be stored at 2-8 ℃ in a refrigerator. DO NOT FREEZE.