Histamine Test

The Histamine test uses a rapid enzymatic assay that is AOAC-validated, easy-to-use and provides a quantitative test result in less than 1 hr. Histamine Test is validated assay for the determination of histamine in tuna, bonito, canned tuna, fish sauce and other products.


  • Simple Just dissolve the reagents and mix with the sample. The analysis is simple and safe. Due to high specificity of the enzyme, no hazardous chemicals-such as strong acids or organic solvents-are needed.
  • Rapid The reaction takes only 15 minutes. For raw fish samples, the test can be fully completed-from sample preparation to result- in one hour.
  • Accurate AOAC Performance Tested Method(PTM)Certification. The test has been shown to have a high correlation with official laboratory reference methods.

Composition of kit

Product Name Histamine Test
Product Code 61341
Number of measurements 60 assays

Enzyme reagent (lyophilisate)x 6
Colorimetric reagent (lyophilisate) x 6
Histamine Standard solution x 1
Buffer x 3

Storage 2-8 ℃
Expiry End of month after 31 months from manufacturing date.


  • The reagent can not be used for purposes other than voluntary health inspection and research applications.
  • This measurement, instruments and EDTA solution such as a micro pipette in addition to this kit and the absorbance meter is required.
  • Histamine is easy to adsorb to the glass. Please use the plastic tube or the like.
  • This kit is a histamine assay kit for raw fish. However, by varying the pretreatment method, it is the case that can be adapted to samples other than raw fish.

Histamine Test (AOAC-RI PTM) - Instruction Video -

Award history

  • Received the Technical Achievement Award in Fisheries Science from the Japanese Society of Fisheries Science.(2007)
  • Received the Japan Soy Sauce Technology Award in application section from the Japan Soy Sauce Association.(2014)
  • New! Histamine Test certificated the AOAC Performance Tested Method(PTM).

Recommended Equipment

When you use the "Histamine Test", we recommend the use of the following equipment. Also available in a general spectrophotometer.

Absorptiometer RGB (Model DPM2-ABS)

Absorptiometer RGB (Model DPM2-ABS)
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