Hygiene management for Government sector
Hygiene management for Government sector

Hygiene management and infection control in public institutions such as health centers, hospitals, nursery homes and meal preparation facilities. On-site verification of the handwashing and cleaning equipment that are used daily needs a manual.

Accurate and easy to use Kikkoman Biochemifa Company’s test kits could help you educate your staffs and improve product quality and hygiene control manuals.

ATP Test

Prevent infections with proper hand washing!

Hand washing has been reconsidered after the outbreak of COVID-19. Virus and pathogenic microorganisms are known...

ISSA & New York County Sheriff’s Office Launch Janitorial Training Program

ISSA Cleaning Management Institute (CMI), announced the launch of a new training and certification program for New...

Prepared Media Plate (Easy Plate)

Allergen Test

Histamine assay