CheckLite HS Set

CheckLite HS – the HS stands for “High Sensitivity.” CheckLite HS is a rapid test for biomass that produces analytical results in hours instead of days – just like all of the CheckLite tests systems. The CheckLite HS technology includes higher sensitivity reagents and incorporates an efficient ATP eliminating reagent to produce a higher sensitivity test with a lower detection level compared to CheckLite 250 Plus. So, when you need higher sensitivity and lower detection limits in a test that is still fast and easy to use, CheckLite HS is your choice.

Composition of kit

Product Name CheckLite HS Set
Product Code 61310
Number of measurements 100 assays

Luciferin-luciferase reagent HS (lyophilized) x 2

Reconstitution buffer (5.5 ml) x 2

ATP eliminating reagent (lyophilized) x 2

Reconstitution buffer (5.5 ml) x 2

ATP releasing reagent (5.5 ml) x 2

Storage 2-8 ℃
Expiry End of month after 16 months from manufacturing date.


  • CheckLite HS Set should be stored at 2-8 ℃ in a refrigerator. DO NOT FREEZE.


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