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NewFood Magazine

OnDemand 2022.02.09~2022.05.09

  • Special lecture
  • Food & Beverage

Hygiene control in the food & beverage industry

Analyzing ATP,ATP+AMP or A3 and a new way to set benchmarks

BioThema AB Owner Dr Arne Lundin

  • Product Description

Introduction of Kikkoman

Kikkoman Corporation Ph.D., Manager Mikio Bakke

OnDemand 2021.10.20~2022.03.01

  • Food & Beverage

Monitoring brewery cleanliness with top-of-the-line ATP testing

Weber Scientific Market Specialist Tom Boudreau
Strategic Consulting  President Bob Ferguson

Closed seminar

  • Food & Beverage

Why Your ATP Test May Not Be Working: The Impact on Your Environmental Monitoring Program

Weber Scientific Market Specialist Tom Boudreau / Sales Manager Asif Rahman
Kikkoman Biochemifa Company Planning & Development Mikio Bakke Ph.D.