CCE上海国际清洁技术与设备博览会-CCE Shanghai International Clean Technology and Equipment Expo

  • ATP Test
  • Prepared Media Plate

CCE Shanghai International Cleantech Equipment Expo 2023

Hotel & Shop Plus Shanghai International Hotel & Commercial SPace Expo Series will be held on March 28-31th, 2023 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition was sponsored by ISSA International Cleaning and Sanitation Industry Association, China Tourism Hotel Industry Association, China Department Store Commercial Association, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development · Co-sponsored by China Architecture and Culture Center and Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., it attracted buyers from property management companies, cleaning companies, public facilities management companies, commercial real estate, department stores, shopping center owners, hotel groups and other terminal industries from all over the country. It aims to provide one-stop environmental sanitation solutions for domestic hotels, hospitals, schools, office buildings, scenic spots and other commercial spaces, as well as residential areas, municipal sanitation, industrial plants and public facilities.

Lumitester Smart-ATP Test Hygiene Monitoring

Lumitester Smart is a portable luminometer for ATP test. The ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) provides easy inspection for cleanliness levels by using LuciPac. It is AOAC and GBAC STAR Technology ™ certified 

For more information Lumitester Smart/LuciPac A3

Easy Plate

AOAC validated culture media methodology, Easy Plate comes in an easy-to-use, stackable film plate format that saves on space, reduces waste, eliminates preparation time and labor, and streamlines your test procedures. 

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Exhibition Outline

Product ATP Test (Kikkoman A3): LuciPac A3 Surface, LuciPac A3 Water, ATP荧光检测仪,Easy Plate ,Easy Plate 综合页面
Event date 2023.03.28~2023.03.31
Venue 上海-Shanghai
Venue Information 上海新国际博览中心-Shanghai New International Expo Centre
Booth number N3A18