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Frequently asked questions

How can I have "SDS”(Safety Data Sheet for Chemical Substances) and "Specifications"?

Please fulfill the request form in the "SDS request form" page.
You can find the page, either from the products information site or just click the link below for direct linkage.


How long is the expiration date of LuciPac?

Before opening, it is stable at 2-8 ° C for 15 months after manufacture. The shelf life is printed on the bottom of the LuciPac aluminum bag. After opening the aluminum bag, store it in a refrigerator and use it within 2 weeks. Please also see the precautions for use.

Where can I buy Test kit?

We sell through distributors. Please check here for the distributors of ATP Rapid Hygiene Monitoring products.

Is it possible for the measured value of the Lumitester to be "0"?

The tap water that wets the cotton balls also has ATP, ADP, and AMP, so the measured value never reaches "0". If the measured value becomes "0", there may be detergent, bleach, etc. that interfere with the measurement at the inspection site. It is also possible that there was a problem with the operation of the Lumitester.