Company History - Awards Product launch history
1917 Noda Shoyu Co. Ltd. (forerunner to Kikkoman)was founded.  
1939 Kamogawa Nickel Co., Ltd. was founded.  Nickel's first shipment
1948   Sodium Alginate
1956   Loid(Propylene Glycol Alginate)
1961 Seishin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded.  
1983 Company name change of Kibun Food Chemifa Co., Ltd.  
1986 Edogawa plant completed  
1989 Succeeded in mass production by genetic recombination enzyme "luciferase" of firefly light.  
1990   Hyaluronic Acid
1990   ATP hygiene monitoring for paper pulp manufacturing :
CheckLite KP
ATP hygiene monitoring :
CheckLite LU
1991   ATP hygiene monitoring :
CheckLite LU plus
1993 Launched Bio-Chemicals Division/(Seishin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. merger)
Seishin Co., Ltd. was founded.
High performance luminometer :
Lumitester K-100
1994   ATP rapid hygiene monitoring system
1995   High performance luminometer :
Lumitester K-200
Glucose forming activity assay kit
1996 Kamogawa Plant obtained a certification of ISO 9001.  
1997   High performance luminometer :
Lumitester C-100

Emission plaything :
1998 Received the Nihon Jouyukai's Technology Award from Nihon Jyouyukai (Brewer's Association, Japan) ATP hygiene ATP hygiene monitoring :

Acid carboxypeptidase assay kit
1999 Gravinol :Received the Japan Bioscience, Biotechnology and Agrochemistry Award for Achievement in Technological Research from the Japan Bioscience, Biotechnology and Agrochemistry. Quantification of Histamine :
Histamine Test

Detection of coliform :
CheckLite CT
2001   ATP hygiene monitoring :
LuciPac II
Instrument for Hygiene monitoring :
Lumitester PD-10
ATP+AMP hygiene monitoring :
LuciPac W
2002 Kamogawa Plant obtained a certification of ISO 14001.  
2003 Manufacturing of pharmaceutical API grade sodium hyaluronate got permitted and obtained a manufacturing approval (at Kamogawa Plant).  
2004 Capital and business alliance with Kikkoman Corporation  
2007 Received the Technical Achievement Award in Fisheries Science from the Japanese Society of Fisheries Science.  
2008 Manufacturing of alginate and PGA obtained a certification of ISO 22000. High performance luminometer :
Lumitester C-110
2009   Instrument for Hygiene monitoring :
Lumitester PD-20
ATP+AMP hygiene monitoring :
LuciPac Pen
2011 Kikkoman Biochemifa Company was founded.  
2011   Lumitester PD-20 Control Kit
2013 Received the Technical Award of the Society for Biotechnology, Japan from the the Society for Biotechnology, Japan. ATP+AMP hygiene monitoring :
LuciPac Pen-AQUA
2014 Received the Japan Soy Sauce Technology Award in application section from the Japan Soy Sauce Association. Instrument for Hygiene monitoring :
Lumitester PD-30
ATP+AMP hygiene monitoring :
LuciPac LS2.8-400/LS3.2-400
2016   Long stem swabs for LuciPac :
2017   ATP+ADP+AMP hygiene monitoring :
LuciPac Pen A3 Surface/A3 Water
2019 Instrument for Hygiene monitoring :
Lumitester Smart

Quantification of Histamine :
Histamine Check Swab
2020 Allergen Testing :
Allergeneye Immunochromatography
2021 Lumitester Smart win the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 Convenient microbial testing :
Easy Plate
The business relevant to the former Biochemical Department and the former Ingredient Group of Health Food Sales Department of Kikkoman Food Products Company.
 The business relevant to the Chemicals Division of formerly known by the Foodchemifa Co., Ltd..