Lumitester C-110

Lumitester C-110 is a small, lightweight and precision instrument for ATP measurement.


  • Small & Lightweight
    Portable body, weighs about 700g. You can carry it easily and make measurement by rechargeable batteries.
  • High Sensitivity & Wide Dynamic Range
    With the special reagents "CheckLite" series, you can measure 1.0 x 10-17 ~ 3.0 ×10-11 mol ATP.
  • Simple & Speedy Operation
    Insert a test tube containing mixture of sample and reagent, and just push the start button. The result will be displayed after only 10 seconds*1, and anyone can get measurement results on the spot with ease. ATP concentration and cell count can also be obtained after calibration.
    *1 In case of standard mode
  • Advanced measurement
    An advanced mode is pre-installed. This mode enables measurement time and delay time settings, and consecutive measurement, which are suitable for highly professional biochemical research use.
  • Convenient data processing performance
    Measurement data are recorded in the C-110, and can be transferred the data to PC for print out and for data processing.

Composition of kit

Product Name

Lumitester C-110 Product Code 61910

Detection method Photon counting mode using photomultiplier tube Display LCD (liquid crystal display) panel
Detection range 1.0×10-17~1.5×10-12molATP*2
Printer Data can be printed out to an optional external printer
Dark noise Below 10 RLU (25℃)*4 Interface RS-232C
Measurement time 10 sec. in STANDARD mode
1-1000sec. in ADVANCED mode
Software Utility software for data collection and standard curve settings
Sample tube size φ12×55 mm Power Rechargeable battery(NiMH) or AC adapter
Sample volume 0.1 mL Size 185 W×110 D×75 H mm
(excluding projecting parts)
Data output RLU (Relative Light Unit), M (ATP concentration), pg (Amount of ATP), CELL (Cell count) Weight Approx. 700 g
Temperature /
Storage -10 to +50℃, Operating +5 to +40℃/
No condensation
Data storage 1000 pieces of data Accessories Tube stand, AC adaptor, RS-232C cable, Instruction manual, Utility software

*2 With CheckLite HS Set reagent (without ATP elimination)   *3 With CheckLite 250 Plus   *4 In case of standard mode


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