Lumitester Calibration Kit

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy Test kit?

We sell through distributors. Please check here for the distributors of ATP Rapid Hygiene Monitoring products.

The ATP Test (Kikkoman A3)

Does the Lumitester Smart need to be adjusted to zero point before each measurement?

No need to adjust the zero point for each measurement. AUTO ZERO calibration function is built-in for Lumitester Smart.

If the calibration for Lumitester is required by ISO or other regulations please contact your supplier you have purchased from. 

How often should I calibrate my Lumitester?

We do not have a recommended calibration frequency for Lumitester. 

Calibration is important because of audits, and internal standard operating procedures. We will recommened to follow your company's procedure and recommendations. We  offer a Lumitester Calibration Kit for a self-inspection, that allows you to easily check the operation and sensitivity of the Lumitester. If manufacturer's calibration is required as a part of your quality program please contact us for further information. 

Are there repair and callibration services for Lumitester?

Repair and calibration services are available as follows:

(1) Repair : Lumitester Smart, PD-30, Lumitester Calibration Kit 

(2) Calibration: Lumitester Smart, PD-30, Lumitester Calibration kit

(3) COA : Lumitester Smart, Lumitester Calibration kit

Please contact your supplier for quotation.