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ATP Test

  • Food & Beverage

Use of an ATP Test in quality control in meat processing factories

Establishment of limit based on an ATP Test and a microorganism test is also effective for audits in overseas factories

Environment& Quality Assurance Office, Administrative Division, Fresh Meats Business Division,NH Foods Ltd. ManagerMichinobu Kato

  • Food & Beverage

  • Government Sector

On-Site Applicability of an ATP Swab Test in Meat Processing Plants

Meat Inspection Station of Shiga Prefecture Hideya Inoue
Hideyuki Sawa

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Application Examples of the ATP Test at Dairy Farming Sites

– Using the data accumulated through ATP Tests and bacteria swab tests for improvement of foods hygiene and quality management –

Hokkaido Dairy Management Service Ltd. Doctor of Veterinary medicine (DVM) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) DVM, Ph.D.Masafumi Enokidani