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ATP Test

  • Food Services

  • Hotels・Accommodation

ISO22000 Certification for Hotel Banquet Kitchens

The ATP Hygiene Monitoring System as a Tool to Change Awareness andActions of Employees

Food Safety & Hygiene Control , Hyatt Regency Tokyo Chief OfficerYoshiro Okuzumi

  • Food Services

  • Healthcare

“Visualization” of hygiene with an ATP Swab Test in food service facilities

Enhancement of cross-sectional hygiene management and hygiene awareness in multiple facilities

Hamanako Eden no Sono, Seirei Social Welfare Community Toshiko Yamase

  • Food Services

Sanitation Control and Sanitation Auditing at Sushi-Go-Round Chain

~ATP surface hygiene monitoring Effectively Used in Store and Plant Inspections and in Employee Education~

Quality Management Department, Akindo Sushiro Co., Ltd. Section ManagerSachiyo Tada

  • Food Services

The First Step toward Shifting to a Multi-Outlet Operation is the Creation of Mechanisms for Hygiene Controls

A Report Based on 10,000 Sets of ATP Data

NPO Eisei kensa suishin kyokai ( NPO Eiken ) ChairmanYoshinori Maeda

  • Food Services

A Multistore Food Service Company's Approach toward HACCP Institutionalization

Site improvement after a Foodborne illness and ATP Testing

TORIDOLL Holdings Corporation Executive Director/CFSO, Head of Food Safety Management Dept.
Atsushi Kusano

  • Food Services

  • Hotels・Accommodation

Hotel Kitchen Hygiene Management Using ATP Swab Testing

Conducted by the Person in Charge of Each Section with Enhanced Self-esteem to Ensure Safety and Security

Otsu Prince Hotel Hygiene Management Room Tetsuo Yamagata

  • Food Services

Hygiene controls in the Kitchen Taking Advantage of the ATP swab test

Establishing ATP Reference Standards Based on a Facility's "Existing Conditions"

Sanitation Control Department Group, Sanitation Control Division, Nissin Healthcare Food Service Co.,Ltd Head Office Kenichiro Gamo