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ATP Test

  • Healthcare

  • Government Sector

A next-generation ATP Test for hygiene control at all health sites

Use of an ATP Swab Test for hospital infection control in developing countries:
Real-time feedback of test results for improvement of the adherence rate for hand hygiene

Visiting Scholar, Bureau of International Health Cooperation National Center for Global Health and Medicine, Japan RN, CNIC, MS, Ph.D.Hitomi Kurosu

  • Healthcare

Countermeasures against infection and assessment of cleaning ofsurgical instruments and equipment using an ATP+AMP Swab Test

Improved procedures for cleaning of wards and a central supply room by “dirt visualization”

Yodogawa Christian Hospital (Osaka) Chief of Infection Control DivisionMayumi Yoshimura

  • Food Services

  • Healthcare

“Visualization” of hygiene with an ATP Swab Test in food service facilities

Enhancement of cross-sectional hygiene management and hygiene awareness in multiple facilities

Hamanako Eden no Sono, Seirei Social Welfare Community Toshiko Yamase

  • Healthcare

Use of an ATP Test after cleaning of a gastrointestinal endoscope

evaluation of the cleaning procedure and communication with staff

Kyoto University Hospital Hirokazu Higuchi

  • Healthcare

Use of an ATP Test for prevention of infection and food poisoning in elderly nursing facilities

Yokohama-City Welfare Service Association Executive DirectorShigeaki Kirigaya

  • Healthcare

Example of Effective Utilization of the ATP Test in Verification of Environmental Sanitation Control

Improvement of the Wiping Procedure for the Treatment Chair Unit Based on Inspection Results

Mamizuka Dental Clinic

  • Healthcare

Verification of the cleanliness of a gastrointestinal endoscope using an ATP+AMP Swab Test

The ATP+AMP Swab Test : Simple, rapid and sensitive verification of cleanliness

Kikkoman Biochemifa Company Planning and Development DivisionNobuyoshi Sato

  • Healthcare

Evaluation of the cleanliness of a gastrointestinal endoscope using an ATP Test

Veryfying the efficacy of the ATP Test (Kikkoman A3)

Infection Control Team-Quality Control Center Seichokai Fuchu Hospital

  • Healthcare

  • Government Sector

Trends and countermeasures of COVID-19 infections

Challenging the mysteries of infection
Implementing infection-control measures

Division of Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Control National Defense Medical College Research Institute National Defense Medical College ProfessorKoki Kaku

  • Healthcare

Utility of the ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) in the Endoscope Cleaning

The main points are appropriate immersion, rinsing, and drying. Never allow stains and moisture to remain.

Osaka Medical College Hospital Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Center Chief Engineer Shinya Abe and Hiroshi Mizuta