Hand washing has been reconsidered after the outbreak of COVID-19. Virus and pathogenic microorganisms are known survive certain period on environmental surfaces. They invade your body through various transmissions and cause infection disease. Especially, contact with viruses through fingers can be the biggest cause of infection. However, dirt and virus temporarily adhered to your fingers can be washed.

Check the effectiveness of your washing by ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) after proper and thorough hand washing and mitigate risks to get infected!

Procedure of proper hand washing

  • 1.Wash off dirt with clean, running water.

  • 2.Lather your hands with appropriate amount of soap.

  • 3.Wash your palms.

    Rub both palms together to wash them.

  • 4.Wash the back of your hands and fingers.

    Place right palm over the back of left hand and scrub the back of your hand and the backs of your fingers and vice versa.

  • 5.Wash spaces between and the base of the fingers.

    Put your palms together, cross your fingers, and scrub between and at the base of your fingers.

  • 6.Wash the thumb.

    Wash the thumb while holding and turning it with one hand.

  • 7.Wash fingertips.

    Stand your fingertips up in the palm of one hand and scrub.

  • 8.Wash each wrist.

    Rub each wrist with the palm.

  • 9.Rinse the soap thoroughly with clean, running water.

  • 10.Dry hands with a disposable paper towel.

  • ※Evaluate the hand cleanliness using ATP Test (Kikkoman A3).

    Utilizing the ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) after hand washing and before alcohol disinfection can confirm the cleanliness (contamination level) of hands and whether proper hand washing is being performed.

  • 11. Apply the alcohol disinfection to the palm.

    Rub in the nails, between fingers, around the wrist evenly, until your hands are dry.


Lumitester Smart and LuciPac A3 helps determine hand cleanliness!

Visual inspection is insufficient to check if you wash your hands properly and your hands are clean enough. Microbiological testing is time-consuming and requires specialized skill. ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) using Lumitester Smart and LuciPac shows you the invisible contamination visible in numbers. Which is easy to determine on the spot if the cleaning was sufficient. It is also highly effective in improving hygiene awareness among employees at food production sites and medical institutions, as well as in hygiene education at educational institutions.

  • 1.Swab the palm of your hand horizontally back and forth 5 times.

  • 2.Swab the palm of your hand vertically back and forth 5 times.

  • 3.Swab between the fingers.

  • 4.Swab the fingertips.

  • 5.Measure with Lumitester Smart.


  • Please swab with the right amount of pressure, that the cotton swab will slightly bend.
  • Please swab in the same way every time.
  • Disinfectant residues such as alcohol on the palm and fingers can affect the measurement. In this case, dry hands thoroughly before swabbing.


Recommended pass/fail limits for handwashing: 2,000 RLU

The upper limit is set at twice of the lower limit, and 2,001~4,000 RLU will be “caution”.


Required instruments reagent for ATP Test (Kikkoman A3).

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