ISSA Cleaning Management Institute (CMI), announced the launch of a new training and certification program for New York County Sherriff’s Office.



The new vocational initiative is intended to boost inmates’ employability after incarceration, while upping cleanliness standards at county facilities. A statewide initiative developed by the New York State Sheriff’s Association (NYSSA) and ISSA. Cleaning products will be supplied by Hill & Markes Inc., a Brady IFS Company and wholesale distributor of janitorial supplies. All expenses are covered by a multi-million-dollar state Department of Health grant awarded in 2021. cross the state, 57 jails were distributed a minimum of US$50,000 by NYSSA to launch the program. Montgomery County’s jail, which had 126 incarcerated individuals as of March 27, was allotted $74,000, due to its admission and discharge rates.


ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) is introduced in the training program as a cleaning verification device.The training will give incarcerated individuals valuable skills for employment while adding qualified candidates to an industry struggling to fill jobs. The program will also transform the way to cleans its jails, by placing a greater emphasis on COVID-19 and infectious disease mitigation. ISSA CMI is also certifying entry-level janitorial training through the NYSSA jail program. Enrollees will not be paid.


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