EasyPlate NASA

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and Kikkoman Corporation Research & Development Division have published co-authored articles using Prepared Media Plate “Easy Plate”.

Sample used for evaluation

  • 63 samples of raw meat, processed meat, vegetables, nuts and foods containing processed foods
  • 21 samples containing windows, living room floors, and other environmental surfaces
  • 45 samples from the International Space Station (ISS) swabbed by astronauts  

Evaluation content

The number and types of microorganisms growing on agar media were compared with those growing on Easy Plate AC for the determination of aerobic bacteria counts and Easy Plate YM-R for the determination of fungal (yeast/mold) counts. 


In this paper, it was shown that the numbers of colonies obtained on Easy Plate and agar media were correlated. Easy Plate was also highly valued in terms of being more efficient than agar media in terms of working times.  

See below for additional details.


Simpson, A.C.; Suzuki, T.; Miller, D.R.; Venkateswaran, K. Microbial Burden Estimation of Food Items, Built Environments, and the International Space Station Using Film Media. Microorganisms 2022, 10, 1714.

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