One of our group companies, Kikkoman Food Products Company has asked some of its suppliers of meat raw materials to introduce cleaning management using the Kikkoman A3.

Management Method

  1. ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) is conducted after cleaning the equipment.
  2. The cleaning standard is set at 500 RLU or less*3, and the cleaning pass/fail of each piece of equipment is determined.
  •  Less than 500 RLU: Pass
  • More than 500 RLU: Reclean and remeasure. Cleaning is repeated until the level is 500 RLU or less.

Measurement frequency

  • More than once a month

Measurement point

  • Cutting line: Cutting boards, conveyors during each process, 6 locations in total.
  • Mincing line: A total of 12 locations, including cutting boards, conveyors during each process, and inside the mincing machine.

In addition to this cleaning management, once a year we conduct annual meat type analysis on the meat raw material using the ELISA method to confirm that there is no contamination of various meat.

The combination of daily cleaning control using the ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) and verification analysis using the ELISA method enables to thoroughly prevent allergen contamination from raw material level, thereby ensuring the product safety.

*The method of setting benchmarks is an example. it is desirable to consider it according to the actual situation of each company.

Source: Revised based on Monthly Food Chemical February 2021 “Utilization of ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) in meat allergen control”

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