Easy Plate is a pre-prepared film media that enables faster and easier food microbiological testing, and improves food safety.

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Available Types of Easy Plate

Aerobic Bacteria
Easy Plate AC
Easy Plate CC
E. coli / Coliform
Easy Plate EC
Staphylococcus aureus
Easy Plate SA


1. Time & Space saving

  • No need for media preparation and sterilization.
  • Faster sample inoculation without special equipment.
  • Easy Plate’s stackable design greatly reduces the operational space required.

2. Simple operation, reliable results

  • Extensive training is not required.
  • Test results correlate well with established conventional laboratory procedures. (AOAC RI PTM Certified)

3.Reduces incubation space and waste

  • Requires only 1/20th of that needed by a petri dish, increasing your incubation volume. Storage space requirements, incubation space and waste are all reduced.
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are also reduced compared to traditional agar plates.

※ According to the research by DNP